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by - April 20, 2018

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Coping with Change.


Do you also have these moments in your life when you feel like you're just being tested on the things you do not want to be tested on. 

Exhibit A- ME! 

God has tested me on change this week, and I did a pretty poor job on it. Until I realised that I had done it all wrong, so I went back and evaluated till the point of origin (as I do everything else because I like knowing how things happen) and went through it, but this time Differently.

So let me take you on this journey with me.

Last year July myself and my mom and a few of my youth friends went through a bad experience where in our youth service robbers walked in, and basically left such a bad memory in our hearts. I will not go into full detail because after God gave me closure I told him that I will only ever use this to Glorify him and not to glorify the people who felt it was okay to Rob us of our Peace. 

This was a big point of change for me, where I no longer was a scared person any more but one who always wanted to make sure that through difficulty I can still trust that the world is not all bad. Many people live their tragedies because its all they know, but I did not want to add to the list of this I did not go through, I wanted to add it to the list of  "I got through it because my God was bigger than my fear". 

It also reminded me of my security, how my mom was there praying for me and us. How that since I was young my dad would drop and fetch me in every moment, time or place I needed him too. Maybe its also what has taken me so long to get my license because as much as I love the thought of my independence I want the security of my father more. 

I mean I was fearful when starting my blog because I knew that I would have posts that were not just about beauty, fashion or everyday glam, but about real moments and memories in my life that I would in time share with each and every one of you. 
Starting a new position at work comes with its fears. 
Having to build your independence financially, emotionally, physically comes with it s fears, the fact of the matter is, Don't let that fear stop you COMPLETELY yes things take time to get over, but when you overcome them that fear will never be revisited. 

This is how I look at fear now, that its okay to be scared, but don't let it take over your thoughts. 
I'm still taking big bravery steps everyday to do one thing, face one thing, do something I wouldn't do just to make sure I conquer one fear at a time. And I have grown in stride since. 

Whether it be slow progress or not, progress is one of the biggest changes we face, because its an everyday all the time thing. 
For example 
-Spiritual Progress
-Eating plans 
-Promotion at work 
-New Responsibilities (A car, home, family members) 
-Studies/ Writing Exams 

These are all parts of our lives that we had put into play, its all us that had the last say, our decision making creating this change. When we look at it from the outside, it looks simple enough to execute although when we face it, it comes with many different other obstacles, sacrifices or even consequences.  

We only think about it till a certain point, then we think as soon as we start it will go smoothly and all is well. All of it takes hard work, diligence and perseverance. Don't give up because too many unexpected things happened, don't give up because now it gets you down because you cant get there on time or it wont be or feel the way you wanted it to. 

Always remember that you come first, your heart matters most to God but it should also matter most to you as well. 
Change your mindset that although progress might be slow, but its always worth it. No matter how many rounds you have to go to make it work, you do it for you and nobody else.


Since the beginning of this year, I have been more involved in ministry, I joined bible school, I enrolled in my writing course, I started driving with dad, going to Church services more often, I have been given more responsibilities at work, like my whole life just took a 360 turn, and from being someone who was always home, so closeted and to myself. I step out now in a few ways, I don't like being social but I love serving God and meeting strong amazing woman who I can learn from. 

See we always want our lives to go one way and not the other. But time is all about commitment and commitment is not easy and cannot be half done.

SO instead of panicking that life has drastically changed (cause I did, I love my little predictable life where nothing changes) At first it was a difficult adjustment, I was getting home later, I was having to make time to Study, I was having to Prepare a little differently for work, I was having to plan my day around the most important to least. 

When it comes to God, Bible School & Ministry, I worked hard to always be more of a worshiper, praise God more often, Love more often, be kind more often. I took time and really worked on my relationship with God, studied really hard for my tests and even started attending church More often. 

And in my work place this is what I did, I laid out my duties from most important to least important. And my day started flowing better, even with my added responsibility I was not getting overwhelmed which I usually get when things changed. 

With my Daily living, I just prioritised more, I made sure I communicated  with my friends and family and was always supportive and here for them. Even when they don't need me, I make sure I take pride in the time I give them, that I give them time out of my life worth importance because they too are important to me. I am so grateful that the people who I hold in high esteem in my life always remind me to draw closer to GOD and never to let go of my strength and never let myself go. Or never be weakened. 


Many a times we forget to put emphasis on ourselves, we forget ourselves, we forget that we lean on others, we forget that we cant always go through life the same as it always was, that we cant always face every situation the same as we are used to. 

This is where YOU come in. You need to learn that alone you too are an army because of whats inside of you, that things may change and its okay, learn to accept the things that you really have allowed in your life but also things you don't want, get rid of. Don't put your self in a situation you didn't want to be in. Prepare and Plan for things. 

Write about your day in secret if you're not ready to share. Also remember to extend the courtesy to others. Have quiet time, wow its so vitally important to regroup and become again one with yourself before you open up and you go back into your daily routine. 

PRAY. Sometimes I know I lean on others around me (My parents, my sisters and brothers, my close friends) cause I myself am not sure how I am feeling, this too will create an expectation that should not be there cause the people in your life should just feel loved and not burdened (not like they do but always consider them even though they deeply love you), last night God told me that when I feel this way to start coming to him first, because he will calm my spirit and give me Peace. 

Change is not easy but it is a big part of life, and before you knock it. Realise that some changes you bring upon yourself, and this is where you embrace it, because out of change comes growth and out of growth comes all the good things that specific change was meant to bring. 

This week was my week of change, and I did not like it one bit. Not because I couldn't cope but because It all Happened at once and I did not Prepare myself for it even though I asked God for big things this year. Remember if you Pray for it, Prepare for it. And from this day on, I will always put myself in the wave of change because I want to grow and prosper in every aspect of my life. And I hope in some way you would to. 


We live in a world of constant change, and if we do not grow within ourselves enough to tackle it, we will just get lost in the noise. Like I said change can really bring out parts of you, you never knew you had, strength from a deep part of your being that you just hadn't come to terms with yet. Know that change will rock your boat, your world around and upside down, but the flip side is full of blessings and happiness. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. ☺️

All my Love ❣

Keesha McPherson

Of Takkies And Tulips

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