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Blogging and Beauty on a Budget.

Good Day My Beautiful Readers 

If anything you'll know that I live in Dis-Chem Pharmacy 😭😢

Anyone who knows me knows that when I walk into Dis-Chem Pharmacies I am a woman on a mission. TO SPEND! HAHA

In order to make sure I don’t spend all my money on makeup or skincare I make a list. I write down what I need, from most important to least important.
My list starts from Toiletries to makeup or beauty items.


  •      Sanitary items (Kotex
  •      Body soap/wash (Dove Soap + Rooibos Body Scrub)
  •      Skin care (currently using the Yardley Oatmeal Spot Clear range)
  •      Hair Products (Shampoo, conditioner, treatment, dye etc)
  •      Toothbrush (every 3 months)
  •      Lotion (Dis-Chem tissue oil cream)
  •      Blades for my Razor (every 2-3 months) 
  •      Cocoa Butter, Skin therapy oil (Palmers, purchased once and its still going strong) 
  •      Perfume (Pink happiness, Yardley, Addidas
  •      Roll on (Nivea sensitive)
Skin care update- I'm currently conducting recipes in order to make organic, hypoallergenic skin care products for myself. Will share progress soon. 


  • Primer (Essence & LA Girl)
  • Foundation ( LA Girl, Yardley, Maybelline)
  • Concealer (Essence, LA Girl)
  • Eyebrow gel (Essence)
  • Lipsticks (Essence, Palladio) 
  • Lip Pencils (Essence)
  • Brushes (Beauty Treats)
  • Eye pencil (Essence)
  • Eye liner (Essence) 
  • Eyeshadow (only ever bought Essence & LA Girl eyeshadows from a drugstore)
  • Setting Spray (Essence)
  • Setting powder (LA Girl, Maybelline)
  • Nail Polish (Cutex, Essence, Sally Hansen, OPI)
  • Nail Polish Remover (Cutex)
  • Nail grooming set 

When making a list always make sure that you make a budget, cause if you are anything like me you can easily spend R800.00 on one simple drugstore trip, I also buy in bulk, so I buy my soap, spray, roll on, hair products, blades on so on to last me at least 3 months then I also do not end up going all the time or every month because I also love to save and have extra.


  • Let’s start with a product I have already fully reviewed- LA Girl Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

To read up on my entire review please head down on my page to my full eyeshadow review.
I loved this product because it was in expensive for such a good product, I was no fan of the packaging but I mean for R99.00 Its forgivable, I enjoy creating new and fun looks with this palette and I will repurchase if Necessary.

  • Essence lipstick in shade 13 MATT MATT MATT

What I loved about this colour and this formula what that is Matt which Explains the name to a T, and the colour pay off was absolutely astonishing. I’m one that loves nude shades, light natural pinks and just clear gloss or lip-ice but since I started using my essence Matte Lip-gloss in 09 American Girl I’m starting to really appreciate the Darker shade range with my skin Tone. It Retails for R59.00

  • Essence Primer in range Little Beauty Angels colour correcting

When I first saw a primer for this price I jumped for Joy but that’s not the only thing I did, it really had helped my skin look even in colour, and my makeup stayed glowy and on my face for a good period of time. I loved how all my dark marks were blurred but also the consistency is not pasty it’s like a cream but sticks to the skin and creates a lovely barrier between your face and the foundation. I wear it alone as well. It retails for R69.00

  • L.A GIRL pro coverage foundation In shade Bronze
When I saw it being reviewed on my favourite bloggers YouTube Channels I was like, let me give it a try, It couldn’t hurt right. WRONG! It made me fall in love. I was so amazed by the colour match, it fits my completion perfectly and it’s full coverage and plays so well with any other products added to the face after. It retails for R179.00 and I’m definitely going back for another bottle. It looks sleek and cozy, it’s actually in a plastic bottle which I love because I’m way too clumsy for glass, Its got an Amazing consistency and depending on how you set it, it works hard for you.  

  • BASICS Beauty Silicone Brush Cleaner
So like most of this post I saw it advertised in a Dis-Chem brochure and I saw a few amazing bloggers talking about it, personally I have not used it yet but my brushes are definitely in need of a good clean, I will be doing a full review on it, slowing before and after results and explaining how I used it and what I think. It retails for R50.00

  • Last and Very Much Least- Essence Eyeliner Pen in Shade Black

So I always talk about Essence and how obsessed I am with the brand and its colours, But SHEESH This eyeliner pen, just made meL. I used it once and even then there was not much colour transfer, anyone who knows me knows I cannot do my eyeliner if my life depended on it, but I decided to practice and boy was I in trouble, the pen dried up in one way and I stored it correctly, I am not sure if it was old or if I got a defect pen but I was severely underwhelmed and will not be repurchasing any eyeliner pens from Essence in the near future. It Retails for R89.00

I call that a successful haul, I got a bunch of products I’d be wanting to get my hands on, and over all I loved 90% of the products. I really love getting items I can add to my collection but also items I’m willing to try. I was so happy that I got these products, I am so looking forward to using them and doing reviews on my favourites and on the Basics Beauty Silicone Brush Cleaner I am so excited for it. Aim of the game is always go prepared your list will keep you on track and remind you of the important things first, I usually feel bad when I buy makeup first so it keeps me sane when I do it the right way from the beginning. 

Below is the look I created with all these products excluding the eyeliner pen and brush cleaner obviously LOL. 🙋

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All my Love ❣

Keesha McPherson

Of Takkies And Tulips

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