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Blogging and Beauty on a Budget..

Good Day my Loves. 

SO long weekends are now a thing of the past ☹️ okay wait. I need a Minute!! 

So for the last couple of months I have decided to start buying more makeup products to add to my collection and I mean eyeshadow is number one on that list, but really amazing brands are not anywhere under R400.00 (the ones I wanted atleast). SO I came across the L.A girl brand and I saw their eyeshadow range and guys I was SHOOKKKK!!!!! 

Let me tell you why. 

  • Its affordable
  • Pigmentation is BOMB 
  • We-arability through out the day is great 
  • It does not stain your skin 
  • The formula is so soft and blendable. 
First things first PACKAGING

The outside really does the things for me hey, like its sleek, black and white glossy hard board. To the touch it feels beautiful and like it will not damage easily. The inside cover is beautiful too, its got a simple transparent part just under the inside mirror of the palette, which is so that you could see the eyeshadow colours before purchase. Then lets get to the good stuff the INSIDE
The pink container that separates each eyeshadow just took all the sass away from this palette. Like if it was maybe a metal case that could have even been black or silver it would have been looking so much better. But the fact that I got it for R99.00 the inside case is genuinely forgiven. 🙋

Second the PRODUCT 

This palette contains 12 Eyeshadow colours, 4 Matte Shades and 8 Shimmer Shades.
In order to explain each colour I took them in swatches of four since there were no colour names anywhere inside or outside the packaging. 

  1. Its a Shimmery Champagne shade perfect for inner tear duct. 
  2. A silver Shimmery shade could use it for a cut crease 
  3. A Matte off grey shade 
  4. A blue shimmer shade with soft clean finish 
  5. A mauvy rose Shimmery shade
  6. A matte deep chocolate shade, perfect to build on a transition shade 
  7. The Perfect matte creme transition shade
  8. A soft matte brown shade I use to build on my transition shade as well 
  9. A Maroon shimmer shade 
  10. A Light flush purple shade with shimmer 
  11. A navy blue shimmer Colour with flakes of grey
  12. A dark Grey shimmer colour
I love that each of these shades compliment one another, this palette was created to make smoky 
eye looks and it does not fail, the Matte colours are so blendable and the pigmentation is really amazing. The shimmer colours do have fall out, so don't do your foundation first if you are dipping into them for a dramatic or even simple eye look. But when used wet, wow you see a whole other side of the palette. 

An added bonus it came with a beautiful eye shadow brush, I use the tiny bristle end to add colour to my bottom lash line.

Finally the PRICE  

I would definitely purchase this palette again it was R99.00 at Dis-Chem pharmacy and I do not regret it one bit.  


I loved this palette, I originally was looking for the L.A Girl Nudes eyeshadow palette and they did not have any stock, I then swatched this palette in the Store and I fell Inlove with it. Its a tad bit annoying that I needed to clean up after I used the shimmer shades cause of the fall out, but the fact that it did not stain my skin, It lasted a full 6 hours before I took it off and It complimented my skin tone. Another amazing fact is that it is cruelty free. Which as a dog momma makes me the happiest girl. 

How to create a good eyeshadow look I found a Lovely little Diagram on Pinterest 
Its just a really simple way to show you how to apply eyeshadow, Remember your blending brush is your friend, don't have any harsh lines or uneven shading and your eye look will be Life! It takes a lot of practice and patience so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get it right the first few times. 

Below is a look I created with this Palette 

I hope you enjoyed this post. ☺️

All my Love ❣

Keesha McPherson

Of Takkies And Tulips

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