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Good Day my Beautiful Readers. 

So going through this week before the Remembrance if the Crucifixion of Jesus its been a week were Many lessons were taught. 

Before I go any deeper, THIS is MY view and Real Reason I Celebrate Easter. Yes I love all the Easter Eggs, Family Time and Yummy food it brings with it. But I love God More. And In this post I will tell you why. 

This is a post about Love! I was writing down ideas, Scriptures and Plans for this post for the past two weeks but the Ultimate Lesson I learned was LOVE, in LOVE lies all the other things surrounded with the moment Jesus gave his life for me. 

It shows sacrifice, Not just For him to die on the Cross for our sins, But for GOD to sacrifice his only son to save us. It showed a LOVE that cannot be comprehended, it shows that no matter what we go through that was worse because we genuinely do not like to give of ourselves to others let alone the world. 

It taught me that no matter what I face or how I face it that in the Beginning and In the End God was with me the whole time and any mistakes I made he forgave FOREVER never to be mentioned again. This is the power that these days hold, the power of forgiveness, grace, mercy and LOVE. 

I could go on and on about every single story written on the Day Jesus gave his life, its stories you've heard or read before. So I am going to share what It means for someone like me, its a season Where I look at my life and think " God am I even worthy of you" and he Reminds me that I always have been, Because in my sin his hand is over me because Jesus sits in the right hand of his father and Prays for me. TO ensure that I someone who gives not as much as I should still is Worthy. Any doubts, emotions, mistakes, words said or things done in your life that make me feel far away from God do not anymore. Because I learned the extent of his LOVE never to take Advantage of it ever again or at least try my best not to. 

EVERYDAY we see the Glory of God if and When we seek him, BUT at THE CROSS we saw his heart, in the flesh for us, giving up the one thing that he had, for our sins. So that one day we may Meet with him. Never forget the emphasis of this Sacrifice because yes Jesus DIED but he ROSE ON THE THIRD DAY, and now we ARE FREE! 
He didn't do it because someone said so he did it because he wanted us in eternal life with him and Our father, I mean how on earth can that not be a reason to live and serve God with all you've got. 


We are not perfect and God does not expect us to be, all he wants is for us to come to him, in his presence to worship and love him. 

As I said in the beginning of the year that it was A goal for me to grow Closer to GOD, to have him in every single part of my life, and SO far I feel like I have not missed a moment with him because he is all I want, my whole life has changed for the better, the blessings flow down and I see his MERCY AND GRACE in event he smallest things of my life. 

This Season I chose to Remember what an Incredible Sacrifice God made for me because he loves me + all the Easter eggs I can Consume because I fasted for 3 Days. (KIDDING) 

I pray The Love of God will surround you and your family. 

Keesha Mc Pherson of TakkiesandTulips  

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