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Okay okay, let me catch my breath cause this blog post got me all kinds of excited. 
Just as a PSA I have changed the posting date this week because I have made two posts to go out. Today is my Long awaited LIPPIE post and by the end of the week I have a Easter post coming up. 😊

Loads of Visuals, information, great buys and hopefully some Laughter. So without any further a due, LETS GET TO IT!

First before even thinking of Liptsick, Lipgloss or Lip Balm Application you first need a well prepped lip, soft, smooth and you know the other thing HAHA.

A. I have a few DIY Lip scrub Recipes and I fave listed my two favourite down below and I will describe each of their benefits Below. 


Above I have made the entire recipe out for you including instructions for usage. 
The BENEFITS of this coffee lip scrub is it will lighten dark lips, its a defoliating agent and is rich in anti-oxidants also the coffee granules help remove the dead skin on your lips and allow for a smooth surface. The honey is rich in anti-oxidants as well and has moisturizing and soothing benefits. The Olive oil creates a protective barrier. In the end your lips will look a little bit more plump and all the dead skin will be removed. 


This is my easy peasy 2 Ingredient Lip Scrub with many alteration options for someone who might not want their lip scrub so simple, or maybe wants a different scent or texture added as well. 
Its simple just Sugar and Vaseline ( Petroleum Jelly) if you will. 
The sugar is much more gentle than salt, which in turn is better to use on your skin as your lips are more sensitive. the vaseline is the moisturizing agent, easy to use, has amazing skin Benefits and is extremely affordable. I had attached a few extra options in the recipe because not everyone will be fond of using the same ingredients, I've also mentioned a bunch of Additions that you can make to the scrub because its so simple. 

B. Lip-Ice, Lip Balm, Chapstick this is where the moisture comes to give you life. 

Below in my next visual I created a Drugstore list for really great lip balms, that I myself use everyday, they have great benefits and are so affordable. 

So I made this list from my Favourite to my not so Favourite. 
My lip balm experience was genuinely one for the books I'm telling you, first of all US South Africans Call it Lip Ice and I dig this. 
Second, You know when you're a kid and eating it was more fun that wearing it? YES this was me. I do not recommend making lip balm a food choice but I mean, I aint gonna judge. HAHA
Third, when one uses pearl lip balm, or lip balm too light or even to dark for your skin tone and it was just a hot mess? Yep I have lived it all, then I learned that It was not about the brand but the ingredients. Its what you want your lips to feel and look like which in turn meant making better lip balm decisions that don't make you feel like you've wasted your money and just made a mess of your smile.
  • I started looking for lip balms that had all natural ingredients and Benefited me according to my current needs.
  • My Dexe lip balm is my every day without fail I use it lip balm, It keeps my lips moisturized and I only have to reapply about 3 times during my entire day. 
  • Soft lips I use when my lips are for some reason extremely chapped and need some soothing lip balm that will penetrate the dryness and bring them back to life and THEY SMELL THE BEST. 
  • My Dischem Lip Therapy I usually use as a gloss more than a balm, But the benefits will have you shining for days. Just make sure its closed well or your whole life will be drowned in it.
  • Labello was one f those fancy nancy Lip balms, but the Hydro Care, IT SAVES WINTER LIPS. 
  • Last but not least my lip butter, shame I gave this one a fair chance but it just gets so grainy after a while and the scent can throw one off cause its so strong. 

I always go for clear lip balms because they agree best with my skin tone and what I want naturally out of  a balm, There are many amazing pigmented balms that do not stain, If you want I will Make a separate post on it, Just comment on this post if so. 
All these LIP BALMS are currently available at Dis-Chem pharmacies and The prices are listed in the visual. 

C. Now we get to the good stuff- LIPSTICK 

For the Past 3 or so months I have been Loving my two new lippies. 

The Palladio Lipstick is so creamy, its slides on like silk, it leaves your lips feeling like they don't even have lipstick on. It really becomes one with your skin and the pigmentation is amazing. I usually wear this as an everyday Lipstick because its very floral and girly. Easy to pull off with nearly any simple makeup look. Its so feminine and it smells amazing. (YES I SMELLED IT) 

The Essence Matt Matt Lipgloss, okay so first I was Skeptical, like the whole point of Gloss is HI-Shine all the time and BAM, MATT LIPGLOSS!!!!!!! 
But to my surprise the product really exceeded my expectations, First of all it smelled lovely,the consistency was a tad bit grainy but then smoothed out, the pigmentation was bananas and if I must say so myself the Applicator allows that it goes on smooth with no rigid edges of any sort.This made me so happy because I got such a dark Shade I really didn't want to be disappointed. AND I was not, It creates such a bold, dangerous,sleek look. You can wear this bold look with a bold eye, contour the WORKS and then you can take a simple look and make it dramatic. 

Below I'm going to show you two Pictures with me wearing the Palladio Lipstick and the Essence Lipgloss.
Then I used them together and boy or boy, Its my new favourite lipstick look.

Wearing the Palladio Lipsick in the Shade Smokey Rose.

Wearing the Essence MATT MATT Lipgloss in the shade 09 American GIRL. MY FAVE. 💄

Me wearing the Smokey Rose shade underneath 09 American Girl, It looks like the perfect dark and floral match and almost accents off the eye shadow I wore. I just can't get over how Amazing they looked together.

So Beautiful, no matter what lip product you wear or how you wear it, Make sure you take better care of your lips because just like skin care or body care, they play a big part. And we tend to really neglect them at times, I know I did. 

I hope this post was a little helpful, and remember you are beautiful without all the add-ons. 
You embody beauty just by existing. 

Keesha Mcpherson of TakkiesandTulips

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