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So its only MARCH and YUP we got stress for DAYS!! 
I'm no stranger to stress and over the past 3 years I created ways in which i deal now much better with stress, because it can really affect our lives if we don't. 
Before we get into the good stuff of how to relieve your stress, lets mention some stresses and their symptoms. 


  • The death of a loved one
  • Loss of a job / Starting a New job
  • Increase in financial obligations
  • New Relationship 
  • Getting married
  • Moving to a new home 
  • Chronic illness or injury
  • Emotional problems (depressionanxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem) regarding many different parts of your life, family, friendships, relationships and careers. 
  • The death of a loved one

  • Starting a new project 
  • Presenting a speech 
  • Introducing new products 
  • Deadlines 
SYMPTOMS OF STRESS-Stress is dangerous and for me extremely irritating, because the effects are sometimes subtle and many a times overwhelming they can present as 

And these are just to mention a few.

  • Headaches 
  • Muscle/ Joint Pain 
  • Insomnia 
  • Irritability 
  • Tummy Aches 
So basically we have so many things that change our lives and affect us mentally, emotionally and physically. Its up to us to make sure that we take care of our mental states, spiritual states, physical bodies and our emotions. 

BELOW I have 6 ways that Relieve my stress and I'm about to share them with you. 

  1. LISTEN TO MUSIC- My music of choice is always Worship music, I have a playlist between Bethel, Hillsong, Planet Shakers, Hillsong Y&F and Kari Jobe just to list some favourites. It genuinely gives me a lot of peace and gives me time to process the stress I am feeling, I lay on my bed for as long as I need to with my Music turned all the way up and I begin to feel calm.So any music that can get you out of your funk and into your peace is best for you, sometimes we just need time to re-group our thoughts with some lovely tunes and we instantly feel revilatized. 
  2. WRITING- Writing is my main source of any kind of Outlet. I write stories, poems, songs which ever fits my mood at the time. I am actually most creative when it looks like my mind is Chaos, almost like the right kind of chaos because my stories are so full of life and creative ideas and as soon as I am done with a piece I feel so much more relaxed and towards myself again. Write about even how you feeling just getting it out is what will help you let go. 
  3. CLEANING/ ORGANISING- Haha yes this is an usual one, but has anyone ever tried this. When I'm in a bad head space I hate communicating, so find something physical that I can do to lower my stress levels so I clean, I spring clean my room top to bottom and I reorganize my cupboards. I even sometimes with the help of my Dad move around my furniture, If I feel I want my space to look different. Also when my space is clean and reorganized Its such an accomplishing feeling and helps so much with stress. 
  4. IN DOOR SPA DAY- This one is my Absolute favourite, I cannot even tell you how much, I will do my nails a Mani and A Pedi, I will do a facial or Scrub of some kind (Depending on my skins needs at the moment in question). I will wash and style my hair, I will do my eyebrows if they need to be done. Its one big pamper party for me, because its a couple hours I get to focus on myself, my appearance and body care is so important. The benefits is my skin looks and feels like a MILLION BUCKS and I smell like i walked out of a lavender farm so i mean, who wont feel better after that? 
  5. READ A BOOK- So yes, I not Ashamed I am a book hoarder, re-reader and story junkie. GUYS I mean if you read a book and don't travel with it, did you even read it? I love the stories because I read them either as if 'm living the Story or playing it out in my head like a movie series or movie franchise. Books can add so much sass into your life, teach you new words and sayings, It shows how the writers think and progress if you're reading a book series. I go where the story goes, don't get me wrong it can be one heck of an emotional roller coaster but I'm so inlove with the feeling and I will choose it any day. My favourite Authors are Karen Kingsbury, Beverly Lewis. 
  6. MOVIES/SERIES- I'm a sucker for a good crime series, I love anything from Criminal minds to 911 I love watching real stories depicted of people in the service helping others in the most dreadful situations and saving lives, and even the lives that couldn't be saved are always honoured somehow. And yes the action parts of them be my favourite, when I see bomb  actors and actresses in the fighting scenes and I get exhilarated. I love comedy for when I need a good laugh, sad movies when I need to cry and those Sci-fi movies that have the creepiest things in that make your skin crawl but are so worth the watch. Don't even get me started on chick flicks, girly series and Christian films. I basically go where my mood is and how baldy I feel I need to see something good or something exciting, its a few hours where you get out of your own head, sometimes and most of the time even learning some really good lessons in the process. 

  1. MUSIC- 
  • Born again and Endless Alleluia from Bethel (Cory Asbury) 
      4. IN DOOR SPA DAY- 
  • My apricot body scrub from Rooibos 
  • My foot care set from Avon (Lavender) 
  • My Shampoo and Conditioner from Garnier Ultimate Blends. 
      5. READING A BOOK- 

  • Karen Kingsbury- Bailey flanigan Series. 
  • Beverly Lewis- Love Letters. 
  • 911 
  • Chicago PD, FIRE, MED 
  • Criminal Minds
  • Gossip Girl 
  • If I Stay 
  • Beauty and The Beast 
  • This list will not end if I go on, but I mentioned a few favourites. 
So no matter what it is you are facing or experiencing. Take out some YOU TIME, find things that can calm you down even If its something small. It will really help you become more in tune with yourself and help you to start handling stress a little more better than usual. If you need to talk or any other tips I am here for you. I hope that the little ways I handle stress has or can benefit you today. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST PRAY. Its so important that you communicate your stress or anxiety with God, because in the moments you don't want people around, you will need comfort and Only God can give you comfort beyond any mans ability. Prayer will help you release every single ounce of stress you have and have you feeling like you just got renewed. 💟

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