My Summer Closet REVEALED 🎕

by - February 28, 2018

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My Summer Closet- REVEALED 

Hello All my Beautiful Readers 

Today I give you an inside look into my Summer Closet and Show you some Budget Buys, style tips and outfit compilations for any summer occasion. 

Before compiling any outfit or creating any look I first choose to be happy with myself, If you have read any previous posts you will see the struggle I myself had with Body Image and Confidence and it took a toll on me mentally, physically and emotionally. 
So I have been teaching myself that no matter the purchase, how it looks and why I got it all boils down to how good I feel about myself NOW! 

DRESSING for the Occasion 👗

Dresses are one of the most versatile and unique pieces of clothing you can own. They can be dressed up or down, they can be accented with different colours if they are plain, or can even be upped by adding a bright jacket or accessory like and earning or bracelet. These Specific dresses seen above are from Pick n Pay Clothing and Mr Price. All 3 are perfect summer dresses that come just above and over the knee, they are lightweight and compliment my body shape so well. I will display each style as we go down. 

  • My baby blue dress I got from Pick N pay Clothing with flowers if my favourite that I wear atl east once a month, Its got a Lace detail by the front bust area, thing spaghetti straps and is just above my knee, I wear it with a strapless bra and a nude colour bottom. Its so comfortable and is made of full cotton material, it does not irritate my skin and its machine washable. This dress can be dressed up with heels a pair of hoop earrings, a watch or bracelet and a tight low bun with a dramatic eye, it can also be simply dressed down with a beautiful nude or pink sandal, stud earrings and lose hair with a light makeup look that is very luminous. 
  • My Black floral dress I got from Pick n Pay as well with white and beige flowers is one I wore a couple of times out, Its long just past my knee with a high low style at the bottom, its got a Tank top/ /vest style front and is almost to the top of my colour bone its got spaghetti straps down the back. Its got adjustable straps which I love so if I would like to wear it a little loose or a little tighter I have the option. I dress it with sandals and a simple choker necklace. You can dress it up with a simple Ankle black boot, with a black leather jacket, a brown or Mustard yellow leather Jacket and even a Denim Jacket. TIP- wear this dress with nude colour underwear because it is see through. 

  • The third and final dress the multi coloured, multi floral dress I got from Mr Price  is a perfect dress for going to the beach or spending the day at the pool. Its got a very tacky texture that if it gets wet it will still be comfortable enough to wear because its quick drying and is almost made to be around a lot of water and moisture. I wear this dress with as simple black strap sandal and my curly hair. If you don't wear a swim suit under it I usually wear it with simple black underwear and a boob tube bra. I am obsessed with the colours and flowers and its one of my absolute favourite summer dresses. 
I got all these dresses for under R200 at Pick n Pay Clothing and Mr Price. 


  • When putting an outfit together I always think about, where I am going, my comfort level, occasion and if I want it to be simple or over the top, cause I mean Is there any in between, I THINK NOT haha. 
  • I wore this outfits to Church and To a best friend date day, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible, and I wanted to be covered up for Church that's why I chose my printed Tee and my over the shoulder body suit for my best friend lunch date. 
  • Outfit 1) T-Shirts are so Sheek guys like I cannot even tell you how much, the printed tees (from Pick n pay Clothing for under R120.00) are all about sass and art they make bold statements and I love pairing them with Ripped Jeans in a size 10 (from Mr price for R189.00) and simple sneakers,sandals or heels. This tee was in a medium so it was loose fitting and was long enough to go over my bum so I could be comfortable in church. 
  • Outfit 2) Body Suits are also such a game changer for me(from Mr Price for R89.00) these make my tum tum look a bit more flat and not so textured but also make your outfit look so put together and neat. They also have some drama with the off the shoulder detail and straps with make my broad shoulders look a little smaller and my outfit that much more stylish. I got my body Suit in a Medium. 

  • Outfit 3) A simple plain white cotton top with Added silk finishes that are riffled and made to tie into a bow. I paired it with a simple nude sandal and rose gold strapped silver guess watch. You can complete this outfit with grey leggings or a pencil skirt, or with a loose pair of printed pants for some Pzazz 
  • Outfit 4) this particular outfit I wore to a friends 21st. I Wore it with a blue strapped block heel and ended up in sandals afterward. Its a comfortable loose top with a ribbed back detail (from Mr Price for R89.00)and a navy green pair of jeggings I got as a gift. 


  • So I usually never go for heels first, because 1) I suck at walking in them and 2) I suck at walking in them. Technically flats are my friend but now Block heels have changed the game and for the first time I love wearing heels because I can style them up or down and they add Sass to any outfit and can be worn casually and formally. 
  • This Specific block heel I got at Pick N Pay Clothing in a size 6 for R200.00 I wear it all the time. I wear it will jumpsuits, jeans, dresses and even leggings and long tops. You can create endless amount of styles with just one simple piece of your outfit. And make it work for you. There are so many different makes, colours and designs to choose from so get a pair and slay a simple casual outfit. 
  • Sandals. Oh the Holy Grail of summer wear. I cant tell you how much the perfect sandal can make your outfit work for you. They can add sparkle, simplicity, elegance and comfort to your everyday wear or even special occasions and you are one to wear heels. I got these two pairs at Pick n Pay clothing in a size 6 and I am so inlove with them, they really added more drama to my feet and made any nail polish colour I wear with it stand out because of its nude colours and simple floral details. The baby pink sandal withe the strap along the toe portion of the shoe is suede so becareful not to get it dirty because it is difficult to clean. I got both these sandals at Pick n Pay clothing from R69.00- R120.00

  • MY YELLOW LEATHER JACKET- I can wear this outfit to bed if I could, It was one of my most expensive birthday presents I got for myself that year. Its so cosy for any day, you can wear just over your shoulders if you want to just add some Spice to your outfit or wear it full on with a dress or strappy body suit with a pair of jeans and your choice of shoes. I got it from Legit Clothing for R400.00

  • DENIM ON DENIM- I love playing around with texture and style. so the moment I wore Denim on Denim with a baby blue accent top It just went to a whole other level. Its risky mixing the same types of materials in different shades, but because It was light and dark shades it complimented one another and my date day outfit was a success. 
  • BLOCK IT, BUY IT- My block heel experience. I cannot even tell you how clumsy I am I literally trip over my own feet and I now found heels that actually dont make me look like a clown at the circus when I walk in them. These beautiful heels go with like 80% of my closet and I can wear it for hours and my feet would still love me at the end of the night, best heel buy ever. 

SOME ADVICE- I always want to be comfortable, simple and elegant with a little bit of a tomboyish flair. Its always awesome to keep up with trends but always dress for your body type, your style and your affordability. Take risks and be okay with the ones you did take, always trust your gut and ask the people close to you if you are unsure about any piece. Love yourself and love your body then anything you wear will work for you. 

I hope that you liked reading about how I style my outfits and put items together could help you create some beautiful outfits that make you feel like your best self. They make you fall inlove with buying clothes for yourself again and that no matter what you wear that you always wear it with a smile because its your best accessory. 

All My Love 
Keesha Mcpherson of TakkiesandTulips 

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