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Simple Everyday Makeup Look. ❣

Good Day to all my Beautiful Readers. 💜

SOOOOOO... this blog post was actually so highly requested, I've quite a few ladies ask me what I do on an everyday basis, which in all honesty I only wear makeup about once or twice a week, but I do have a light makeup look that I've finally perfected with the right products and techniques. 
And after you read this post, hopefully so can you. 

Step 1: Start with a clean face. 
So if you read my post on my skin care routine you will know what measures I take to ensure my skin is ready for makeup and everyday life. I wash my face with my tea tree oil range and moisturize my skin thoroughly in order for my primer and foundation to glide on my skin so my pores stay protected at all times. 

You can even use a moisturizing face mask before applying your makeup in order to make sure your face has more than enough moisture to not dry up under your makeup that can cause your face to peel and breakout. I recently used the Green Tea Facial Mask from Beauty Treats and Absolutely loved the results I got. 
I kept it on for 20 minutes and Rub the excess product into my skin and my skin was so moisturized even days later still felt the exact same as when I took the mask off. 

Step 2: Prime til you fine 
Please, please I beg of you prime your skin. 
I have been using the LA Girl HD Primer and I fell inlove, It has a very dry gel like consistency and blends so well in to my skin. It completely eliminates all of my pours and is so lightweight it does not make my skin feel cakey or heavy at all. Priming creates a barrier of surface between your skin and your makeup, which in tune protects your skin from any bacteria or pore clogging ingredients found in products. I just apply the product with  my fingertips on my t-zone then the remainder of the product on the rest of my face. 

Step 3: Foundation Station 
First of all for an everyday makeup look, I chose a lightweight medium natural coverage foundation. And my new obsession is my Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless foundation in the Shade 350 Caramel its my perfect summer shade, and has the most beautiful finish and undertone. 
It is a matte foundation and has a formula that makes your skin look pore less and its really worked for me. My skin looks airbrushed, but this foundation is build-able if you would like a more full coverage look. Its a very liquid foundation consistency but blends out amazing. 
I apply the foundation directly to my face with my finger, I dot it on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, I then blend it out either with a foundation brush or my Trusty blending sponge. Blend it with dabbing motions with your sponge to have even seamless blending. 

Step 4: Concealer 
I use my one and only LA GIRL pro conceal in the shade Pure Beige. Its got a really creamy consistency that blends into my skin so well and hides my dark circles enough not to make me look ashy under my eyes. I set it with my LA Girl Translucent setting powder 

Step 5: Setting your face
I love when my makeup can last through my entire work day, or even my night. After setting my under eyes with my translucent setting powder, I set the rest of my face using my Maybelline Fit me Foundation with the Fit me Powder in the Shade 350 Caramel aswell, and the results till now has me shook. The powder is not heavy at all, its got such a beautiful consistency its really light and the colour pay off is stunning. 
I just apply it all over my face with my powder brush with a very light amount of product. 

Step 6: Eyebrows and Mascara 
SO in my to Gel or not to Gel Edition I spoke about my Essence Clear brow Gel to just shape and Set my eyebrows in my desired shape and I am happy, I've been loving growing out my brows and preparing them to be shaped naturally. 
For my Mascara I started using my Essence GET BIG LASHES Volume Boost Mascara, and it just adds a thickness to my very short light lashes. It makes them look thick, plump and healthy and I have been using essence Mascaras for a couple of years and they always deliver. And it stays on all day. 

Step 7: Highlight 
SO a couple weeks ago I went to dischem and found LA Girl Bronzing and Highlight Sticks and I fell inlove, they are so pigmented I used the bronzing stick as a highlighter on my cheek bones, my temples and under my eyebrows. I blend it out with my finger and my Simple Everyday Makeup look Is complete. 

Green Tea Facial Mask- R32.00
LA Girl HD Primer- R79.00
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 350 Caramel- R99.00
LA Girl  Pro Conceal- R59.00
LA Girl PRO Translucent Setting Powder- R59.00
Maybelline Fit me Powder 350 Caramel- R99.00
Essence clear brow Gel- R 41.95
Essence Mascara- R59.00
LA Girl bronzing and highlighting sticks- R49.95

All My Love. 
Keesha McPherson of TakkiesAndTulips 

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