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Blogging and Beauty on a Budget. (Motivation Edition)


To all my beautiful readers. Today, we self love. Let me say it again WE SELF LOVE.

So the Last two months of 2017 here I was, mad at the world because I did not look the way I WANTED TO, and decided to be really hard on myself for this particular reason.
We have a lot of things that contribute to us not fully loving ourselves better. Like not being fulfilled in your job, career, relationships, physical appearance, finances or even family and faith. We treat ourselves different, we take less time and effort into our appearance and even physically on a day to day basis. Talking less, more moody than what the people around us are used to, being extremely negative, always complaining about the things you cant change. Its a vicious cycle I tell you, and once you down that rabbit hole, TRUST ME you CAN get back up.

I actually have a few tips and tons of advice because its not my first time in this position, and every time I felt this far away from my happy self it kept taking me longer and longer to find that person I once was, that did not care about any one else's opinion, did not care how much money I had, how much material things that brought me such a, now that I look at it such a shallow sense of satisfaction or pleasure.

FIRST I had to face myself, look deep within and see what the problem really was, being honest with yourself is so important. Cause this is where you see who you are, what are you worth to yourself first and why do you feel the way you do.
Second to that I went to my best friend and I was like "today I feel so ugh, underwhelmed, not myself, not how I want to feel" She asked "why do you feel like this, and I had a grocery list of problems I saw with myself and my life. She said to me "Keesh how you feel on the inside, shows on the outside, you need to be kind to yourself, you need to love yourself more. Take away all the physical, material things and look at your life without it. Look at the love that surrounds you, the amazing Family bond you have, the abundance of Gods grace and Mercy".

Listen to me when I tell you that this is a revolving conversation I have had with her, my mom, my sisters and even my father multiple times. But this time, it was different, cause every time I got over this I would have anxiety about yet another stage of my life, like I was so awkward even in my own skin. And this is where I was stopped in my tracks, like God spoke Directly to my spirit through the people that love me and said ENOUGH! I have made you in MY image, why do you keep putting yourself in this box of ugly, not good enough, not brave enough.

I had to learn that I am loved, to the depths of the sea, by a God that made me, by a family who give me the world, a best friend that literally shines out of my eyes most days. I had to learn, that the only reason I felt this way, was because I ALLOWED MYSELF TO.

NOW I am going to share a few tips, reasons and advice with you on how I learned to be the President of my own SELF LOVE CLUB.

  • Journal- write down daily what you are grateful for, whats on your mind. 
  • Devotion- I have scriptures I used for devotions for everyday and I mediate on them and work through them for the day. A positive word. 
  • Pamper yourself- spend time on your skin and your hair. Once a week have an in home spa day, so your nails, put on a face mask, try put some new products you've been reading up about. 
  • Speak good and positive things in your life- "I will get that job, I will get a great love, God will bless my hard work". 
  • Study- Do the things you've been passionate about, step into that field. 
  • Sleep 
  • Eat Well/ Better 
  • Work out 
  • Work out a budget, start saving money. 
  • Create a healthy habit. 
  • Change the way you see yourself and think. 
  • Set goals, see them through and make notes of your accomplishments. 
  • Quit comparing yourself to others. 
  • PRAY. Grow stronger in your faith. 
  • Love your family more, your friends more. 
  • Take more pictures, when you are genuinely happy, done putting on your makeup or doing your hair. 
  • Encourage other woman around you to love themselves. 
  • Speak your mind. 
  • Trust yourself. 

These are just a few steps I took for myself personally to help me grow, helped me love myself more. Showed me what my life is worth to myself first, Now I have days where I don't even want to wear makeup because of the time I took out to love and care for my skin that it glows and looks lovely without a drop of makeup. I wear clothes that used to make me insecure, because now I love my body, every inch of it, my rolls, my stretch marks and my scars. I spend more time on my independence, currently getting my license, and applied for another course. I spend more time on my blog, writing, product reviews, consistency on my social media. I spend more time with my family, talking about even the things I never used to speak about. I spend most of my time with God, he's the only reason I had the strength to go Into that place of self doubt and to find myself completely renewed in the LORD. My Identity Is in Christ and I will not deny myself all the greatness he has out inside me because all I wanted was "to be like everyone else". A king made me, Why not honour his beautiful creation? 

This year beautiful ladies. BE KIND TO YOURSELF, don't be hard on yourself if your progress is not fast enough, don't give up on the things you are passionate about because it feels like its just taking too long. Don't be scared to be the ultimate most genuine version of yourself, don't be scared to tell people how you feel, don't be scared to take risks and don't be scared to PUT YOURSELF FIRST. I believed in myself, because if I didn't how could any one else? 

So this year, I HOPE that you go with all the Grace God has given you, that you remain happy and positive. And when life gets you down, or things just don't work out, I hope that you will be brave enough to face it and finish it. Because I believe in you, the best feeling is being so comfortable in your own skin that you just want to share it with everyone else. You are worth more than you think, I pray that this never leaves you. And if you ever need a friend I am here. 

Here's to a wonderful 2018

All My Love. 
Keesha McPherson of TakkiesAndTulips 

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