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My beautiful readers.

Its almost Christmas and what a skin journey this year has been for me.

So I have combination, hyper sensitive skin, I mean you can look at me dirty and my skin will break out HAHA. My skin bruises very easily, I get marks easily on my skin, by small scabs, rashes, mosquito bites and I get stretch marks soon as I pick up or lose weight.

So I've taught myself that prevention is better that cure especially with skin, its so unforgiving and I definitely needed to feel good about my skin, my body and my appearance and this is what I did


My face is very sensitive and everything I do on my face, I'd on my neck, chest and shoulders as well.
Step one- Exfoliate (once a week, twice depending on how my skin is doing that week) 

I use my Isabella Garcia Exfoliating face scrub its got the most amazing ingredients and it makes my skin look less dull and more vibrant and smooth, I apply the product to my damp skin and rub it in circular motion on my face for about a minute I then move on to my neck, chest and shoulders using the same action I then rinse it thoroughly.

Step two- Cleanse (every morning, evening and after exfoliating) 

So about two months ago I went through Dischem and decided to try their new Natures Nourishment range and I chose to use the Tea Tree range, I bought the Tea Tree facial cleansing wash and just applied it to my damp face an repeated the same actions I used while exfoliating and rinsed it off thoroughly with warm water.

Step 3- Tone (everyday after cleansing) 
As I mentioned I tested the Dischem brand Tea Tree range and got the Tea Tree toner, I put it on a cotton pad and gently run it onto my face using an upward motion. I then wait for it to dry before I moisturize.

Step 4- Moisturize (everyday after toner) 
So for moisturizer I continue to use my Garnier Even and Matte daily cream for normal to dry skin, I mix it with a pump of Palmers Skin therapy oil and Palmers cocoa butter with Vitamin E for extra moisture and protection.

The benefits if these products is that the Exfoliating face scrub provides your skin the removing of dullness and dead skin, the Tea Tree facial cleansing wash and Toner, Nourishes the complexion, helps with skin cell repair and renewal, and protects against free radical damage.
Moisturizing is very important after the first 3 steps because your skin is extremely dry after that and you need to now seal in all the products you've used add an extra layer of protection for future bacteria and have your skin glowing all at once with products that reduce scaring, even skin tone, and keep your skin from flaking or drying out. Good skin means your makeup will go on way better, look much more flawless and comes off so effortlessly. 


SOOOOO... Before we get into that I've recently started a new healthy lifestyle and i'm loving it, but my body has been changing so much. I've slowly been losing a little weight and getting into shape, by eating much healthier than I used to, cutting out bad sugars (I'm really trying but I love junk food😶) , drinking tons of water (which I'm proud that I do🌝) and working out and doing extra physical activities than usual. So yup my stretch mark, dry skin and scab game is up so I am going to take you through how I been Loving my skin back to life. 
Step 1- Steamy Shower/ Hot bath water. 

Ladies, this is an important step, this opens up all of your pores and you can definately do this step aswell when doing your skincare routine, it allows for you to get all the dirt, bacteria and any other build up come off your skin and out your pores so much easier and less painful.

Step 2- Exfoliate (3 Times a week before I shave) 

This step will save your skin ladies, I have something they call strawberry skin, those little dark marks on your legs you get after you've shaved and hair grows back and I totally hate them. I am not a fan of waxing so I shave, so I use the Rooibos Apricot body scrub from African Extracts I put about a teaspoon full on a exfoliating body glove and I apply the scrub, rub it into my skin in circular motions making sure to get all the areas of my body I shave especially, I then move up until I get to my back.
If you are exfoliating for the first time it might sting quite a bit,so do not apply too much pressure unless you're comfortable with it.
I apply quite a bit of pressure because this is removing all the dead skin and renewing my skin cells making them ready for my grooming.

Step 3- Shave (If its not my day to shave I skip this step and step 2) 
I use the Shick Razor with changeable four layer blades.
Its got four blades with a flexi ball which helps you get a close shave without nicking yourself or causing any scratches or abrasions. I buy the blades that come in the pack and replace them as i go along. I start with my legs and then move up till my underarms.

Step 4- Body Wash 
So after exfoliating and shaving my skin feels smooth and looks so stunning, but it could be a little bit dry and tacky after all of that. And I mean as amazing as this body scrub smells I gotsta wash my body girl, so because my skin is so sensitive, I cannot use scented body soap or wash, I use my holy grail I've been using for the past 5 years and its DOVE cream bar. Guys its like bathing in milk I swear. OMG!!! This has my skin feeling like a babies bum afterwards.

Step 5- Moisturize for a surprise 

Ladies!!!  This step is so crucial especially after shaving and exfoliating! I try and dry myself off that my skin is still damp I then rub my body with Dischem brand Tissue Oil Cream, I follow with Palmers Skin therapy oil and finish off with Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E. I add a little more to the heels of my feet and in between my toes because that's were my skin dries out first.

So far m stretchmarks have reduced in colour, my strawberry legs are getting lighter and all round my skin is extra good to me. So I am definitely feeling so much more confident with the extra care I have been Putting into my skin. 

Product List Below ⬇⬇⬇
Isabella Garcia Exfoliating Face Scrub- R179.00 (This was gifted to me so I had to look up the price, I am a little shook)
All other products I got at Dischem Pharmacy  
Dischem Tea Tree Cleanser- R39.00
Dischem Tea Tree Toner- R39.00
Palmers Skin therapy Oil-R80.00 
Palmers Cocoa Butter- R49.00
African Extracts Rooibos Apricot body scrub- R50.00
shick Razor- R70.00 Blades- R80.00 for 4
Dove Cream Bar- R20.99 for 2
Skin Clinic Tissue Oil Cream - R27.50
Exfoliating Body Glove- R19.95

All my Love 
Keesha Mcpherson 


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