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Good Day all my beautiful readers.

Today I am going to give you a little insight in to who exactly I am.
In a previous post 'Family over everything' I gave a little insight into my family life and who I am in that aspect, now I am going to reveal to you the person behind all the pictures and posts.

I am the last born in a big family and I've always known a great love, I also knew support and how easy it is to actually forget the things that you dream about doing for your life because LIFE just gets in the way. I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember and I knew that if pursued it, God would reward me greatly, but I was very timid for a long time, absolutely scared to ever get my work out there, I mean its not an easy career choice for many reasons, but it made me who I was and I didn't want anyone to ruin the greatness it created in me and the absolute sheer joy I felt when ever I put my pen to paper and wrote all the things my mind and my heart where feeling or seeing.

Then this 'blogging' world just came up out of the woodwork's and i'm like, YAY an online platform where people can openly judge my writing. You know what, I didn't care, because I knew that it was my honest voice and that no matter what anyone said its a narrative I created. It was time for me to believe and be proud of my work just like my family and friends were. So I took my love for stories, nature and beauty the 3 things I've always loved and studied and I combined them to create my page, along with stories of my life.

I"m 25, I love Jesus , I am a receptionist for a aviation company, I am completing my writing degree and I will continue studying. I have a beautiful big family who support my dreams and aspirations no matter how far fetched it may seem to anyone else, because who am I if I'm not honest with myself, and somehow maybe someone who never had the confidence to do what they really wanted to, might see that the road might be tough, but worth it. I love FLOWERS, food, art, music, books, poetry, animals, skincare, makeup, statement pieces of clothing, sneakers (TAKKIES), dainty jewelry and GOD. And on my blog you will continue to learn about me, and maybe learn something that might be of value to you.

Many people ask me how am I a blogger with a full time job, truth is this is how am independent and look after myself. When if by Gods plan my blog grows into being a fruitful stable financial option I would definitely do it full time.

When I started blogging I didnt know where it would go and how far I would get and I still don't know but I am so blessed that in the short time I have been doing this, I've gotten so many good Messages, responses with encouragement and love regarding my posts that I am so humbled by, and grateful that they took time out to read what I had to say. These are big things to me, because loving people is the most important, loving what you do is so important and embracing your potential and going with your gut, pays off in the biggest way.

So no matter how you start, do it for YOU. Life will reward you.

A big thank you Goes out to my Close Friend Isabella Maake of ALLEBASI DESIGN who  Allebasi  helped me for over a year to build and create my blog and today is her birthday. Happy Birthday my Beautiful friend, thank you for your Kind spirit and generous heart and I pray that God will keep blessing you in your life, your career and your craft. Love you always.


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