by - September 22, 2017

A Sunday afternoon we spent going through old photos and sharing memories. 

Grandad and Parents.

Grandma and Family. 



Parents and my brother. 

Parents on their wedding day. 



Hello my beautiful readers, so if you have been on any of my social media pages, will insert handles down below and you click on my contact tab :). You would see that I am very family orientated, I actually have a huge family which adds greatly to the experience for me. I have my two parents, three siblings, whom are all married, along with their kids, I have three nieces, two nephews and New baba coming which we don't know the sex of as yet.

For us Sundays are always important, its our morning with God where we all fellowship and serve and the afternoons is for family, we try at least 2 Sundays out of every month to have a family lunch and spend some time together before the long new week ahead, and this particular Sunday we decided to pull out our family photo albums, we laughed at all the hairstyles, outfits and beautiful memories associated with every single one. Some made us think about family members we lost but always carry with us and that is what makes my Sundays so special. No fuss no muss just US.

What I'm getting at is, treasure the people in your life, no matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing. Make time for family because they are all you are ever going to need when you're in the dark and if you don't, Lean on God and people who add an unbelievable amount of value to your life, no one wants to face this world alone no matter how strong you are.

So take this little memory of mine, and go and make your own and I would love if you'd share it with me to. :)

Happy Friday my Loves.
Be Blessed always.

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