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by - August 23, 2017

Hello My Lovelies! 
So today I will be posting about one of my favourite things ever, NAIL POLISH! 
I definitely know I'm not the only one who is obsessed with a fresh Mani or Pedi. I actually have the worst anxiety when I see chipped nail polish, honey there is an art to a beautiful polish. It makes your hands look like a fresh painted canvas whether done at home or by a professional. 

BUT, I am going to lay down some tips and tricks, along with some handy advice and cash saving bargains you can create for yourself if you really want to. :) So Lets go

I have used many nail products, ranging from R10 Bottles I got at the China Mall to the Sally Hanson nail products. And in between I Found some gem like nail products just like the ESSENCE GEL POLISHES.

I do not even know how ive gotten through life without them, they go on so beautifully and dry to the hard gel consistency that was promised, but a few things I do personally just to make sure my nail polish stays on longer and looks better, I always push back my cuticles and clean up all my dead skin around my nails with my nail tool kit, I file my nails to the desired shape, I usually go for round, square or a little oval shape. I keep my nails relatively short because its more comfortable that way for me. 

I then apply a thin base, of Essence clear base polish, I let it dry really really well, because if you apply your Gel polish on top of a tacky base, your nails will just look like a hot mess, because if the base is damp in any way your top coat of polish will dry out with creases and come off in two days and will take longer to dry than planned. I then apply my Gel colour polish of choice and keep the polish neatly in the edges and if it goes over, I just clean it out with a toothpick. 

My third step is after my polish has dried completely I apply my Hardener top coat or any top coat i have available that suits my nail style i am Going for in the moment and Let it dry! 

Then I just clean the sides of my nails off and you have a beautiful home done Mani and it costs you less than R70.00. Mine usually last me two weeks, three if i wear it well. 

So ladies, if you want to have a bomb mani or pedi and you dont have the extra cash to get it professionally done, DIY it honey!!!!! It takes about an hour out of your day but it is so rewarding, and it looks so beautiful that all the effort you put into it is worth it! Go out and slay your nails, tag me if you do. I'd love to see. 

Products used-
Essence Base Coat- R28.00 
Essence Gel Polish- R30.00
Essence Top Coat- R28.00
And Obviously I got them @dischemSA

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