by - August 02, 2017

Good day, my flower girls.

So as you can read in my bio, I am mixed race. Which does not just give me the combination skin feature, but the combination hair as well. So my hair texture is very grainy almost, I have thin hair but I have a lot of hair. Combined with the wavy/curly vibe. So the front of my hair curls in spirals and the back of my hair is more of a deep wave than a curl, and I colour my hair about once a year, depending on how I feel and how healthy my hair is.

So according to my needs, here my hair care gets tricky, since i have curly/wavy hair, accompanied by the texture it gets very dry and brittle and breaks off a lot, especially after ive applied heat to my hair, or used products to style it. So I tend to go for products that will enhance my hairs natural oils and sheen, while still keeping the colour of my hair pigmented and not dry and grainy.

I have tried numerous products, that I absolutely love. Such as Elvive, Tresseme, Dove and Gliss. My list is endless and with these products i have had so much hair wins. So as per my "feelings", yes I have feelings about my hair its that crazy, I like to try new products and implement them into my routine and see what results they produce. And boy oh boy did I fall into a gold mine with this one, the GARNIER ULTIMATE BLENDS range.

Firstly, the packaging I swear it most probably saves lives, it is so unique and crafted to the products its unbelievable, and the smell, i can not even explain to you, when I opened the cap and smelled the product I literally wanted to eat it! (please do not though haha). So I used it on my hair, with my normal shower/bath routine and let me tell you, not only did my hair smell like cranberries, but it was so strong, healthy looking and it had really brought through my hairs natural oils that it was so sleek and full.

First impression was so good and I wanted to see how it stood the test of time by making it the only product i used on my hair for the month of July and I was so impressed, my hair hadn't dried out thank you to the Argon oil ratio in the formula and my hair colour didn't go dull because of the cranberry component.

So, my final verdict, I loved this product so much that I got The Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner in the scent green tea and lemon. I am so excited to try this product out and see what benefits it has and how well it can be applied to a well set routine. Stay Posted for more some more reviews on these fantastic Garnier Ultimate Blends products, who knows I might go grazy and actually combine two products for a preferred look.

Products Used
Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner in scent Argon oil and Cranberry 
Retail Price- R35.00 @ Dischem Pharmacy in Park Meadows Mall (Winter Freeze price special)

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