Don't spill the Tea, Honey.

by - June 15, 2017

Tea, Honey. If I could have a superpower this would most likely be my kryptonite, I kid you not. As I mentioned in my Winter Wear post, in South Africa it is winter and with winter comes colds and flu. 

Let me tell you friends, I am not a fan. I recently caught the flu germ that was going around and with it came and unbelievably sore cough which made my throat so raw and irritating. But, I have found the magic cure. Freshpack Rooibos Ginger Tea which is R18.95 and any Honey of your choice. I have been using Little Bee honey I get it at Dischem Pharmacy for R39.95. 

I just boil water, put my tea bag in the cup and stir till its a very light golden brown colour I then strain the tea bag out and put two teaspoons of honey. This is like gold for a sore throat and the cough. It soothes the burn and the irritation. I had one small cu[ in the morning and one at night for a week and now I have a cup everyday. It was such a help, because I am a full time receptionist so having a cough and a grainy voice at the front desk is not ideal. 

So ladies, this is one of my really big staples when I am ill and its really been a saving grace for me. 

So if anyone has any comments, suggestions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me, I look so forward to hearing from you. :) 

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