by - June 15, 2017

OHHH HONEY CHILD (yes, yes I said that in a southern accent). So beautiful ladies, in South Africa we have hit the heart of winter, and let me tell you its freezing!!

But, do not fear I have some tricks up my sleeve LITERALLY and I'm about to make your day. well i certainly hope so.

In my above pictures, the first one is my Beautiful Sister Quanita Davids if you would like to follow her I will list her social media below :). So back to fashion, we get cold and long coats and jerseys are so sleek is you want to make a statement, this past weekend we popped into Legit Clothing and found this beautiful fleece navy green waterfall coat and it was a only R399.00. She then paired it with a green polo neck, white pants and nude high under the knee boots. This look is so effortless but a wonderful way to wear a statement piece such as this waterfall coat.

In the second Photo is yours truly (ME) haha. And im the exact opposite to my sister. She is very Girly and soulful, where as I am very tomboyish with a edge. I went into Checkers Hyper Clothing and I found this dark grey wool jersey for R199.99. Its so warm and textured, perfect for any outfit you need to kick up a tad, I paired it with a plain black long sleeve top that I got at Mr Price for R49.99, dark blue denim jeans that I got at Ackermans for R135.00, a scarf that my sister bought for me as a gift in Clarens and my Favourite Sneaker for the season a grey and powder pink Addidas Supercloud that I purchased at Footgear for R600.00, it was on sale and I was a happy customer.

I can literally pair any outfit with sneakers, even a dress. You can Make it classy ladies trust me. My Fashion sense is very simple with a lot of different statement pieces whether its colour, cut, texture or any other factor that makes it different and exciting that you can dress down or up depending on your mood (that is so me). Have fun with fashion and don't be intimidated by anything else you see, find pieces that suit your body type and make you feel confident, I for one want to know what your winter style is, so hit me up :) click on my contact feature if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. Remember to follow me on instagram, pinterest and twitter. I look so forward to hearing from you, happy Thursday.

PS my sisters handle is quanitad on Instagram :) Follow and Share

For all us winter haters, lets get through it together. 

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