by - June 12, 2017

Good Morning Ladies, so Mondays are always Bleh for me and one reason is because I slay my face on the weekend and mondays one needs a fresh face for work and the new week ahead. My go to for removing my makeup after I've word it all day is my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I have very sensitive skin, and this Hypoallergenic makeup remover is everything. It removes makeup with ease, and does not burn my skin or cause any redness after useage. I apply this product on a cotton pad and remove my eye makeup first and then i apply the product to a second cotton pad and remove the rest of my face makeup.

My skin care routine has been changing over the years and the one that resonates with my skin the most with regards to my hyper-pigmentation is the Garnier Even and Matte Range. I use their gentle clarifying foam first, I put about a 50c size in my hand and use warm water to activate the product, I lather it on my skin and rub it around my face is small circles and it forms a foam I then rinse the product off with warm water. Next I use their soft smoothing toner, I apply a small amount to my cotton pad as I would with my cleansing water and apply it on my face, the texture surprised me at first cause usually toners are light and wet, where as this one is thicker and even white almost like a baby shampoo consistency. But the results are so good, it softens my skin and refreshes it instantly. Lastly I use their Ideal Complexion Daily cream for normal to dry skin. In winter my skin is so dry and grey so this cream gives my face a beautiful revitalized Finish without feeling heavy or oily at all. 

So Ladies, this is my Daily routine day and night. looking after your skin is such a big beauty step, look for products that will not harm your skin but enhance its texture and beauty without damage. Like i mentioned I had tried so many different products that were in my budget and effective in my skincare. I paid a Whooping R129.80 for all four of these amazing products, at dischem. You dont have to pay an arm and a leg to take good care of your skin. This is my Skincare Monday done for you, if you have any questions concerns, or any suggestions please do contact me on my blog, email or any of my other social media platforms.  I look forward to hearing FROM YOU. 

Products Used
  1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.
  2. Garnier Even and Matte Gentle Clarifying Foam 
  3. Garnier Even and Matte Soft Smoothing Toner 
  4. Garnier Even and Matte Ideal Complexion Daily Cream (normal to dry) 


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